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  • Crack Repair

    Nothing beats the Armor Crack Repair System when it comes to repairing those unsightly cracks. Armor bonds to the asphalt on either side but not the crack itself. As a result, there is a small amount of give in the material. It flexes but doesn’t break. You will never again see a crack that has Armor placed above it! Learn more

  • Color Coating

  • Crack Free Overlay Systems

  • Laykold Masters

    APT’s tennis systems are used in premiere tennis facilities throughout the world

    We offer various options to fit your tennis court needs, all utilizing the latest technology. Our tennis systems continue a tradition of excellence, representing the most technologically advanced courts in the world.
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    TitanTrax Shield TN is one of the greatest innovations in the tennis industry in the last two decades!

    TitanTrax Shield is an economical alternative to both expensive crack repair systems and total pavement replacement of cracked tennis courts. TitanTrax is a special fabric applied over the entire tennis court surface instead of to only individual cracks. When the cracks widen during the cold winter months, the fabric bridges the weak pavement areas. Shielding your court with TitanTrax is effective because it is purposely not bonded to the court surface. This allows the court to expand and contract at will but prevents the elements from penetrating the surface and causing new cracks to form. Learn more

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  • NGI Sports ProBounce

    More technologically advanced than standard hard court acrylics, our patented system is engineered using energy-efficient technology involving cold-applied, water-based resin coatings and natural aggregates that do no harm to the environment or human health. A monolithic overlay that is completely detached from the underlying surface, ProBounce bridges large structural cracks. It provides a quiet and stationary pavement for play, bringing the ultimate in hard court cushioned comfort. Learn more

  • ProClay

    Today, more and more of the world’s major competitive matches are played on clay – including half of ITF Futures and a third of WTA and ATP tournaments. Looking for a real clay court, without the maintenance headaches?

    Pro Clay is an innovative surface developed for either year-round play outdoors, or for indoor use. A patented, natural playing surface constructed with the finest clay (blended fast dry) that is installed over a cushioned sub-structure (stabilized infill stratum base of synthetic resin and polyolefin).

    It plays like clay because it is clay. Learn more

    Premier Court is the only cushioned, crack proof, maintenance free surface designed and proven to solve the existing problems and costly repairs of cracked courts. Premier Court’s patented, free floating design ensures long-term success because it covers the entire court area, secured only at the perimeter, creating a weather proof barrier. Premier Court is not a short-term or temporary crack repair product. Unlike other crack repair systems that only address the existing cracks, Premier Court protects the existing cracks from further deterioration and new cracks from becoming costly repairs.